Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic

Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic
This is the Jesus Christ of the Jebus Crusters (Note: NOT Semitic)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pat Buchanan Says America Cannot Survive Gay, Lesbian Marriages

Not to forget, this is a guy who said pretty much the same crap at one of the Republican Presidential Conventions not too many years back. Queer people all over the country complained. Look where he is coming from: he is an Irish Catholic. Catholic dogma says homosexuality, male or female is a no-no, yet the Vatican hides behind its “statehood” to prevent investigations that would show that the Popes know all about the sheltering of pedophile priests. Lawyers will tell you there is an almost impenetrable shield secreting away miscreants in robes let go with slaps on the wrist in the form of rehab and reassignment to other parishes where they can sin some more. Pat Buchanan puts his religious beliefs (and very likely the Vatican) above his belief in the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence from Europe says that all men are equals, not just all heterosexual men.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My sneaking suspicion is that Obama is not particularly religious; he attended Rev. Wright's church because it was a good photo op (until the Rev started saying "racist" things). His church attendance now is irregular. I think he pretty much knows religion is bullshit, but it's OK to be "spiritual." Please recall, too, that this man has had a price on his head since he took over, and with "Christians" killing abortion doctors for a supposedly Biblical injunction against abortifacients, means there are seriously deranged loonies out there with weapons at the ready. There is no nut like a religious nut. If I were president I'd fake religious belief as well. This country is deranged, suffering as some 80% are from the worst sort of delusion: a good God has the power to prevent evil but does not. I should think Obama would be more comfortable with one of the pacifist Oriental religious. Hell, he already behaves like a Taoist.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Right Raps NBC For Editing Out "Under God" from Pledge

It is perhaps typical of America that it would go berserkers over the omission of that silliest of propositions from the Pledge.  First, requiring people to go through a pledge at the beginning of an event is so chauvinist as to be laughable.  Second, the phrase was put in just after Eisenhower helped us win a world war.  Religious Americans (i.e. almost everyone) were attributing the victory to a deity, by Jingo!  (One wag on TV asked why are we so certain "God's on our side" and pointed out, as did Lincoln , "the Rebels claim the same thing.") Finally, the phrase is blatantly unconstitutional because that document's Bill of Rights not only protects the religious against the whims and agendas of other religions, it also protects freethinkers, agnostics, and atheists from having to believe in the first place.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Gospel According to Marsha Blackburn

In ancient Sanskrit writings one encounters a treatise on the Kali Yuga, or age of Kali, the Goddess who destroys so that a new cycle of time can come to pass.  Time in the Orient is thought by many to be cyclical, the Hindu Yuga corresponding to thousands of years of earth time.  When this final, terrible endtime comes, a new beginning brings to earth a New Age.  The Kali Yuga is populated with the same frauds, mountebanks, charlatans, evil politicians, wicked and debauched priests, and rogues of every sort and variety.  The catalogue of horribles is paraded before the reader like ants on watermelon.  All of it roughly corresponds to pre-Rapture Christian eschatologies.  But whereas Christians give us no options other than heaven or hell, the Hindus believe the world will go on just as it has for aeons.  This is the Golden Dawn of the occultists.

By "evil politicians" I meant the followers of Jebus Crust, the false Jesus, who is worshiped today.  None of the evangelicals follow Jesus, which is not to say anything about his historical validity.  The Crustians follow a prophet who worships golden idols, whereas their real prophet said that the Koch Brothers will no sooner pass into the Kingdom of Heaven than a camel shall thread the eye of a needle.  Nor are these Crustian types capable of true compassion, else they would not deny rights to homosexuals and pregnant women.  Whereas Jesus dined with the whore, Mary Magdalene, Jebus worshipers eat off Tiffany gold plates, their prosperity gospel equating to Gordon Gekko's "Greed is good."

At the Republican Leadership Conference recently Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R.-TN.) equated the Booblical limits on tithes to churches with the brackets of the graduated income tax and flat out stated, "If it's good enough for church Sunday, it's good enough for the IRS on Monday."  Here is a woman living in the 1st or second century -- the third or fourth at most (I don't know which Booblical passage has the tithes bit, but I often date from the Council of Nicea), trying to impose the ideas and policies of that period on the factual reality of today.  It's like superimposing camel shit on crystal wine glasses.  What is implied is Shuckabee's "Christian Constitutional interpretation" whereby the western equivalent of Shariah law will be imposed upon us by dupes for the Koch Brothers, useful idiots.  If I were a believing person I might say, "Thank God for the U.S. Senate," where such cockamamie ideas are throttled to death.  But, hey, there are a lot of religious nuts in the Senate, too.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dr. Mabuse, the Evangelical Zombie

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.TX.) was right on in her observation that there are just as many Christer lunatics running around as those of the Muslim variety, and yet it took a former New York corrections officer named Patrick Dunleavy at Rep. Peter King's (R.NY.) ludicrous hearings, to pinpoint the precise nature of the problem: one who murders in the name of Jebus, Madhomey, Mosheh, Moroni, or any religious figure, prophet or disciple is by definition an ideologue. Only, in this case, an ideologue of a very special, very special kind: a theocratic stooge, a useful idiot, and a terrorist.  (Instead of saying you are sorry that these doctor  killers kill, but you understand (read: symphatize) the reason they murdered, you must condemn their deeds in no uncertain terms.  Note: the Catholics apologized for all the boy rapes, too.  Then they sent the miscreant to another parish to repeat his evils.

You cannot believe that Jesus would sanction the killing of an abortionist because you did it to protect "the unborn." To borrow an observation from John Prine, the Mark Twain of folk music, Jesus don't like killing, no matter what the reason is. These abortionist murders are not committed in the name of Jesus, you see, but in the name of his Mabusian madman modern counterpart, Jebus Crust.  It is Jebus Crust the Mabusian zombie who has successfully taken over the minds of all the megachurch evangelical types and has even convinced them that rich guys on camels can pass through the eye of a needle.  (That's the "Prosperity Gospel.")

The Supremes in "Roe" made third trimester abortions more difficult to obtain, and with good reason: there is no "person" until that late in the game at the earliest. "Life begins at conception" is Catholic dogma adopted by the Crustian evangelicals. A fetus until close to birth is not a person. Check it out here: http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/L-personhood.htm

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Religious Right and the Citadel

Trying to make up his pitiably vacant mind whether he'll try to follow his predecessor's steps to the White House, Texas Governer Hair Rick Perry suggests in news clips he is that most dangerous sort of politician.  Either he learned how to use evangelical Crustianity by sucking up to the megachurches and their bizarre, certifiably insane televangelists  (Rick's fave is John Hagee), or they genuinely believe in Jebus.  Either way, they sometimes remind me of Fritz Lang's immortant movie, "Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler" in which an imprisoned criminal genius of the order of Hannibal Lecter issues coded messages.  Only, this time it is the ravings of St. John the Divine (that crafty code-master of Patmos).   When a pol tells you he is praying about something, look out!

I spent an evening with the late William S. Burroughs, who reiterated his published opinion that when you are dealing with a religious nut, "get it in writing."  He also was wont to say of prayer: "Shit in one hand, pray in the other -- see which one fills up faster."  Prayer may be defined as a wish that some unproved person who is omnipotent and all knowing (each of 300 million Americans? "he" must be a big fucking computer!) who actually cares a whit about anything he's so busy making war with neighboring tribes, telling you how to treat your slaves, telling you to avoid trichinosis at all costs, telling you a snake spoke to a woman whose common law spouse was off saddling a Troodon formosus so he could be made famous in the Creationism Museum.

I would argue that this is Rick Perry's territory, only if you look at him in the face, you can only see Satan.  I kid you not.  Take a good look at all those inverted pentagramical lines: that grin suggests The Great Beast, 666, and I think some of those women on Fox are using their tapes to try out for the Scarlet Woman.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Train They Called New Orleans

I just finished Ibn Warraq's Why I Am Not a Muslim. The title says it all: Warraq invokes the spirit of Bertrand Russell, whose Why I Am Not a Christian became a sensation. I started but never finished reading the latter while I was at a protestant-subsidized university where the entry philosophy course emphasized all things metaphysical, but had no time in the semester for existentialism.  I figured the Russell would be a tonic, a draft of spring water from that oasis that is any good book store or public library.

I wonder if, truly, there is any difference between one rigidly dogmatic monotheism and another. Both Muslims and Christians use scriptural presentism to bring natural insecurities and desert warlord law to bear on women and homosexuals. Is there really any difference between the Rev. John Hagee (right wing televangelist who blamed Katrina on gays) on the one hand, and any Taliban tribal leader on the other? Not really. Worse, Judeo-Christians and Muslims are on a collision course that is fueled by Booblical prophecy on the one hand and the ravings of a mad Arab on the other. One side believes we must hurry up the Rapture; the other, in agreement, long for the 72 Virgins of Paradise. Both see world annihilation as desirable.

Let me off that train!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Thatcher, Aides Refuse to Meet With Palin, Calling Her a Nut"

I never thought I would live to agree with Thatcher or anyone connect to the woman but here I am saying it's about time someone called it straight: Palin IS a nutjob.  The emails from Alaska, produced through FOI request, reveal a narcissistic personality with distinctively paranoid indicators.  Not to forget: she once got herself exorcised of "demons" by an African witch doctor. Apparently, the demons were preventing her from winning elections, or she thought they might. If you think it was daffy of G. W. Bush when he claimed an ability to talk to "God," wait till you get a load of Palin's bizarre religious beliefs. She wanted to meet Rev. John Hagee.  That's the guy who, ignorant of post hoc reasoning, claimed that Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans because it had hosted a gay event.  (For all we know, the ferocity of the storm was caused by climate change, but that is not something Hagee or Palin can accept, based as it is, like evolution, on science.)

Biship Eddie: Long on Homophobia, Short on Truth

James Withers, contributing editor of 365Gay, said of the return of "Bishop" Eddie Long:

"It’s been a difficult week for Bishop Eddie Long. The View’s Sherri Shepherd dogged him out. Fellow minister Creflo Dollar offered a defense that didn’t help much.Now there are rumors that Vanessa Long, the First Lady of New Birth, has left her man (thanks to Rod. 2.0 for this intel). The talk is that she has taken the children and moved out the house.

"No word from the pr team of New Birth.

"As most of you know, the good Bishop settled with four young men who charged him with using treats (trips and such) for booty. You would think after forking money over, Long would keep quiet for a while. He recently asked for more donations for two new satellite branches. The request was only for anything up to $1,000.

'Remember Alec Baldwin’s spellbinding rant in Glengarry Glenn Ross? According to his character it takes brass balls to sell real estate. Long’s privates are made out of that metal. Settlement for gay sex, no wife or children (allegedly), and a reputation that now is a punch line. Yet the huckster continues to troll for cash. Gotta love it."

Long is that worst sort of bigot: the hypocrite who lambastes against homosexuality even as he pursues homosexual partners.  This is a form of bearing false witness.  I do not know what Vanessa will do, but Mr. ReverEND Long should resign for breaking his "God's" commandments.