Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic

Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic
This is the Jesus Christ of the Jebus Crusters (Note: NOT Semitic)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ugandan Homophobes For Michelle Bachmann

When the radical evangelical Christians began to push their phony Christianity on Africans a few years back, I thought, par for the course. Then the Ugandans actually had a bill in their parliament to mete out capital punishment for homosexuality. Uganda is 84% Christian and one-half Catholic. One of the websites I read daily had a story about evangelical-Ugandan contributions to Michelle Bachmann's Republican presidential campaign, including ties to a pastor who "was once imprisoned in Uganda for a supposed terrorism plot."

Duh! That is precisely the point. Evangelical Christianity is terrorism. The terrorism of brainwashing LGBT babies from birth to believe in a religion that despises sexual identity and gender difference. Like Nazis (they probably think Mengele was a hero), they sought to use this African nation to serve as an object lesson in Stone Age superstition and the ignorance of science. Terrorism in instilling in young gay males conflicting feelings and urges and exposing them to the co-conspiracy of schoolkid bullying. Terrorism in villainizing abortion doctors and using loony tunes men to buy guns and shoot to kill. Terrorism in trying to arrange the foregone conclusion they have reached that war in the Mideast will result in their nightmare fantasy, the Rapture.

It must have never occurred to them that some of us who don't believe in such superstitious nonsense think the world is moving ever closer toward self-destruction without the need of any meddling by people who have delusions of being taken up to heaven with Jesus (or was it Osiris, Tammuz, Attis, or even Apollonius of Tyana?). Wait, there is a plus to all this. When we freethinkers wind up in Hell, we will have breakfast with Einstein, lunch with George Carlin, cocktails with John Huston, and dinner with Voltaire.

Monday, August 15, 2011


The late comedian and wit George Carlin, may Anti-God bless his soul!, mused during a routine about God's seeming arbitrariness. For example, he said, why is it that women have to cover their heads at the cathedral but are forbidden to wear head coverings at synagogue. He was probably hip to the Christian hypocrisy of going to church on Sunday, which even violates the Ten Commandments and admits simultaneously of the influence of paganism since the Roman name for Sunday is Die Solis, or Sun Day quite literally, the day sacred to Sol Invictus (a.k.a. Father Mithras), whose birthday the Constantinian Christians also "borrowed." Syncretism was the order of the times.

I got started on these musings while shopping at Sprouts, a kind of poor man's Whole Foods in one of our strip malls here. It is the kind of store where good produce is almost always to be had, in season, and where "health foods" are supplied, including various naturopathic tinctures and supplements and a wide variety of nuts, candies, pastas, rices, dry beans, and other bins. I bought fresh peaches, some whole wheat bagels, and a few other things and took them to the checkout counter. The checkouts in this store face each other and I glanced at a chocolate-skinned man with a brushy mustache in the aisle across from mine.

My God!, I thought (yes, I still use "His" name in vain, even though I do not believe in his existence anymore than I believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy). He has a yarmulka on his head. And he did, a prominently placed, forward of the spiral, crocheted yamulka. I had to look away immediately to keep from laughing. Being an atheist is hard work. We have to suppress laughter at the silly lengths to which gullible believer types go to show their devotion to a scientifically disproved, completely illogical entity who did it all in less than a week and created the guy in red tights with a pitchfork, a guy who can quick-change into a talking snake, just to bedevil us when we exercise our freedom of choice, also "God-given."

Unfortunately, I think this guy sussed me out. I think he almost smiled himself, and while it is entirely possible he was being neighborly, it is also possible he was thinking, Yes, I have a kippah on my head. So what? I didn't know much about the kippah actually until I read the Wiki entry. The Talmud demands covering our heads "in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you." I thought so: pure superstition. Pure dogma. It's the old bogey man routine. Create a straw man to fear and make the gullibles, the small heads believe they have to cover their heads or face damnation of one kind or another. In this way the rabbis can extract shekels. Everyone works at something. The rabbis are selling myth and superstition to earn their pay.

One famous rabbi is said to have gone no further than four cubits(about five feet) with nothing covering his head, "because the Divine Presence is always over my head." Yes, and I had some good shit last week, too. I tried some of that synthetic marijuana and I felt the Divine Presence as well, and I did not go out without covering my head. I am prone to skin cancer and must always go topped unless indoors. I have to hope God stops at my front door so he cannot see my naked head when I am inside, walking six feet or more this way or that. And while He is at it, could he explain why he doesn't make the evangelicals believe in climate change. It's getting hotter and I am more prone to skin cancer than ever. I mean, I sometimes worship Sol Invictus, but this is getting ridiculous.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just as Ted Turner Said

Christianity is a religion for losers. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, believers rely upon and feared their God. It seldom occurs to themselves that there are some things for which you just can't be forgiven. Yet Christians believe that there is NO sin God will not forgive. The same could even be said of the Jew. (Now there is a people born to feel guilty.) Would a Muslim say, Allah wills it? The common thread running through all the monotheisms is reliance on or submission to "God." But the passing of responsibility to an entity whose existence is supported by a complete absence of evidence and mounting proof to the contrary renders such people helpless to act from true will. They need big doses of the mottos of such organizations as the Cairo Mystery School, which taught that all scripture is shit: "Nothing is true; all is permitted," and even of the Theosophists, their founder Mme. Blavatsky stating quite correctly: "There is no religion higher than the truth."

Saturday, August 6, 2011

About Eric Cantor

jmmartin — 8/6/11 7:53am

I am trying my best to not sound like a racist s.o.b., and I do mean racist: Cantor has in common with the leaders of HAMAS and Hijballah a Semitic heritage: Judaism is a religion; one cannot be racist toward a religion, which is why I think application of "anti-Semitic" as applied to Jews alone is a fiction). All of the Mideastern religions have Abraham in common, too. All that said, I must ask, rhetorically, when in American history did Jews gravitate to the GOP? Cantor is so evil I have no trouble soever calling him a ****. A Yid, an M.O.T. Choose your racist epithet. If a person of any particular race misbehaves and acts to the detriment of the American people, he or she becomes worthy of the slurs. Those of us who are a little left of center (well, in my case, a lot) are just as prone as anyone to resort to such miscreant practices.

Nevertheless, as a minority, Jewish people in the U.S. tend to be Dems. This was true even when the Reverend Jesse Jackson referred to NYC as "hymietown." Jackson ran for president and had about as much chance of winning a single primary as Newtie, the born-again Catholic. I ask when Cantor became a symbol of Jewish abandonment of the Democratic Party because it would aid in understanding a society in which such a transition becomes possible. One is inclined to think it has something to do with the so-called Jewish lobby, with AIPAC. Smart lobbyists always oil the machines of both parties. At some point the perception arose that Democrats were not as protective and not as favorable toward Israel. I would have to believe, not knowing much more about him, that this drift led to the geek we now know as Eric Cantor. (And isn't that surname delightful? That adenoidal, sissy voice of his should have ended up singing parts of the Torah, not going on the stumps.)

As anyone reading this can surmise by now, I despise Rep. Cantor. I think someone should tie him down and perform foreskin restoration surgery on his penis; force feed him 25 pounds of pig guts; make him go to church on Sunday; make him grow his beard, and blindfold him, put him on a camel, and send him back in time about 5,000 years. Goodbye, Eric! Byeeeeeeee byeeeeeee.

Why Perry (Huckabee, Bachmann, Cain, and Santorum) Are Not Fit to be President

Texans should mount a recall and get this theocratic nitcompoop out of office. Belief in prayer is completely irrational. Prayers never work. If the desired result comes about, a score or more of *other* reasons may have been the cause: it is irrational to assume that because you prayed for something and it happened, your prayer caused it to happen. And if it does not happen, Perry would shrug and say, "God wanted something else." Deeply religious people and people who merely want the public to think they are deeply religious (it makes little difference which) are dangerously deluded and should never be trusted with the reins to government.