Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic

Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

About Eric Cantor

jmmartin — 8/6/11 7:53am

I am trying my best to not sound like a racist s.o.b., and I do mean racist: Cantor has in common with the leaders of HAMAS and Hijballah a Semitic heritage: Judaism is a religion; one cannot be racist toward a religion, which is why I think application of "anti-Semitic" as applied to Jews alone is a fiction). All of the Mideastern religions have Abraham in common, too. All that said, I must ask, rhetorically, when in American history did Jews gravitate to the GOP? Cantor is so evil I have no trouble soever calling him a ****. A Yid, an M.O.T. Choose your racist epithet. If a person of any particular race misbehaves and acts to the detriment of the American people, he or she becomes worthy of the slurs. Those of us who are a little left of center (well, in my case, a lot) are just as prone as anyone to resort to such miscreant practices.

Nevertheless, as a minority, Jewish people in the U.S. tend to be Dems. This was true even when the Reverend Jesse Jackson referred to NYC as "hymietown." Jackson ran for president and had about as much chance of winning a single primary as Newtie, the born-again Catholic. I ask when Cantor became a symbol of Jewish abandonment of the Democratic Party because it would aid in understanding a society in which such a transition becomes possible. One is inclined to think it has something to do with the so-called Jewish lobby, with AIPAC. Smart lobbyists always oil the machines of both parties. At some point the perception arose that Democrats were not as protective and not as favorable toward Israel. I would have to believe, not knowing much more about him, that this drift led to the geek we now know as Eric Cantor. (And isn't that surname delightful? That adenoidal, sissy voice of his should have ended up singing parts of the Torah, not going on the stumps.)

As anyone reading this can surmise by now, I despise Rep. Cantor. I think someone should tie him down and perform foreskin restoration surgery on his penis; force feed him 25 pounds of pig guts; make him go to church on Sunday; make him grow his beard, and blindfold him, put him on a camel, and send him back in time about 5,000 years. Goodbye, Eric! Byeeeeeeee byeeeeeee.

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