Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic

Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Arguments With "God" Part One

My sister in law recommended I see the Sigourney Weaver movie, Prayers for Bobby, and I knew from the title that the picture is going to have some religion in it, but I will see it as a DVD, as it is only $1 plus sales tax in the Red Box Kiosk. I am hoping the film winds up saying that what Bobby needs is not prayers but understanding and compassion. He certainly will not get anything like that at evangelical behavior modification centers like Mrs. Dr. Marcus Bachmann’s Phd-holding husband.

As is befitting a subservient hand maid Stepford wife (pardon the neo-criticism of the wonderful Ira Levin novel). As the Bachmanns firmly believe their scripture – the canonicals and the letters of Saul-Paul the Syrian zealot – finds same sex couples “abominations unto the Lord,” Mrs. Dr. Bachmann’s reopened the nature versus nurture debate is critical to an understand of where these simpletons are coming from.

With only dogma to guide them (or, perhaps, justify their fear, distrust, and total lack of human compassion), the Nurturist Argument goes, gay people are “that way” because they choose to be. The Naturist Argument, with which I am much in sympathy, holds that environment has nothing to do with it at the fundamental level. The Naturists have science on their side and make the better argument, that neurobiology tends to confirm Lady Gaga’s thesis we are born that way.

The religious Nurturists have a problem. They say on the one had that homosexuality is "an abomination unto the Lord," yet the Lord keeps putting gay people on earth. This brings one back to the Argument from Evil, as these same Nurturists urge upon freethinking peoples their pitiful free will argument: "God" allows people to commit evil acts even though God is good and omnipotent and could prevent the choice to do the evil as adverse to the good thing. “God” gave us freedom of will. If we choose to be evil, that isn’t “God’s” fault.

But it is. A good, omnipotent “God” could have designed man so that every choice he has allows selection because it is the right thing to do: a genuine example of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, a lesson of Confucius many centuries before Christ, by the way.

“God” disproves himself by fallacious reasoning. He proves himself an impossibility.

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