Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic

Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ed Schultz was Right!

At some point in life, Laura Ingraham converted to Roman Catholicism, the Church of the Pederastic Priesthood.  In all of her Fox "News" appearances, she has sported a huge golden cross and makes sure to wear outfits with plenty of cleavage so you can see her...well, cross.  Every time Laura Ingraham goes on Fox "News" she is whoring for the Roman Church.  Her golden cross symbolizes a 1688-year bloodbath and a 21st century problem in federal jurisprudence, with quite a few bodies stacked and stacking up, including Gnostics, Arianists, "witches" (mostly guilty of selling abortifacients, one might add), freemasons, and others -- as Crowley put it, "The Devil is the God of the people one personally dislikes."

The evidence of criminal conspiracy is pathetically blantant, making one wonder, why is it that the attorney-general has not instituted suit, or why hasn't the I.R.S. revoked the organization's tax exemption.  Many prosecutors have hit a brick wall when they attempt to examine RC parish documents and make a paper trail of covered up crimes, as with priests who were simply put through some sort of peer rehab then sent to some other parish, the Church knowing full well that recidivism in child sexual abuse is high, so the likelihood of a revisitation of pedophile behavior at second, third, and fourth parishes had to have left a document or two.  The RCC gets away with it by pointing to their diplomatic status, having long ago outfoxed Americans by claiming that they are ruled in all they do by the Vatican, which, by treaty with the U.S. enjoys immunity from suit.

Another relatively recent convert to Catholicism is Newt Gingrich.  After three marriages, Newt converts.  That is some feat.  Do you imagine for a moment that it did not involve some sort of alms transaction?  I give you my camel you give me your drachmas.  The Prosperity Gospel has always been a part of Catholicism, so the Vatican laughs at evangelicals, though the megachurch sponsors of this form of ersatz Christeranity, making millions off lies, does bother the Pop.  Apparently, Newt did not read that part of his Good Book that speaks of the chances of rich men of entering the Kingdom: Newt and his trophy wife (another Laura Ingraham) buy their Jewelry at Tiffany's, where they maintain a line of credit.  To say nothing of the 9.5% of Americans who are unemployed.  Newt, like Laura, is a whore for Catholicism.

At least Laura is kind of pretty in a put-upon sort of way.

Newt, on the other hand, is puke inducing to say the least.

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