Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic

Favorite Dollar Store Jebus Pic
This is the Jesus Christ of the Jebus Crusters (Note: NOT Semitic)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jebus in Joplin

The followers of Jebus Crust will inform you that "God" was angry with Joplin, MO., and that is why he brought tornado devastation on the city.  A scientist will tell you that a tornado is naturally-occurring weather phenomenon that comes about when a large storm system sets into motion a destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud.  If the Crustian definition -- a work of "God" -- is accepted, it begs questions.  For one thing, what did the people of Joplin do to deserve this?  Why would a good, omnipotent god cause dozens of deaths and level parts of a city?  Why would a good, omnipotent god kill children along with the (presumably evil) adults?  Wielding Occam's razor, why should we have to resort to a weak, inadequate, entirely illogical explanation for a naturally occurring phenomenon when the scientific explanation is so obvious?  Nature, not "God," causes such tragedies.

Remember, the ReverEND John Hagee http://www.jhm.org/ME2/Default.asp
said that Hurricane Katrina was "God's" visitation on New Orleans for having hosted a gay pride event.  Why would "God" destroy heterosexuals in N.O.?  Children?  There are only two possibilities: "God" is an impotent grouch, or "God" is a sorry son of a bitch.  It comes as no surprise that most Hagee types are climate change deniers.  Because the Booble says nothing about climate change, the phenomenon is obviously an invention of un-American, un-Christian people who want us to fail by having limits placed on such things as the burning of coal to power our flat screen TV's, P.C.'s, and toasters.  If the Booble says nothing about it, "God" didn't mean it to be.  "God" wouldn't allow something like climate change to occur: if we all died of the effects of climate change, no one would be around for the Rupture Rapture.  Sheesh!  We just can't win!

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